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Written: Tuesday, 10:53AM

Dear friend,

If you're reading this page right now, I can only assume that you've are unable to visit your favorite website like YouTube, facebook, orkut, myspace, Dating and Adult websites

And that probably means you've have been BLOCKED by your administrator or ISP at work, home or other place. Free Proxy Lists and Sites do not always work

I faced the same problem for a long time because I chat with my 'Friends' in other countries. I tried many software but they will work for a few days and then will be blocked again. I tried to get new free proxy every day but it was tedious and the sites providing proxy were also blocked.

But what scared me the most was when I read that every action on my computer can be recorded when I use free proxies or websites. I was horrified.

I decided to find a permanent solution and researched on Internet. Finally I found few good solutions and passed on to my friends in other countries. My friends were so excited and happy that they recommended I sell it online. I have compiled the 17 BEST ways of bypassing your network and access the sites you always wanted to from Your Work, Library, University ....anywhere...


No More Blocked Sites

With the methods in this eBook you will be able to...

Quickly and easily access your blocked web sites
Not have to worry loosing your personal information
Easily surf the internet from your work or school or any other place
Find ways to hide your IP address so that your can surf carefree
Easily make new friends and relationships on dating and social media sites
Get rid of frustrations and enjoy your online time


You have only 2 choices now

You could spend hours on the Internet searching for the free proxy lists, proxy sites to visit your favorite website Youtube, Myspace, Orkut, Facebook, Dating Sites, Private sites...and pass on all Your Personal Information to Internet Pirates


You could invest in this eBook today and Access ALL Blocked Websites from Anywhere... forever!

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Thanks for taking the time to check out this useful eBook.

You'll really enjoy surfing your favorite websites now:-) without searching for New or Free Proxy Lists and Sites everyday or sending your personal information to Internet Pirates


Mary Ann

ProxyToday, ScaryProxy

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